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Where are your Sales Points?

We carry out our wholesale and retail sales in our production workshop and showroom. You can visit our addresses listed below.

Ark Jewelry Ind. Trade. Co. Ltd
Tayahatun Mah.Tclar Sok.No:37/317 Rococo Han Ground Floor 34440 Mercan - STANBUL
Tel: +90 212 512 15 75
Alemdar Mah. Tasavalar Sokak Decision Business Han Kat:3/301 34410 Caalolu - STANBUL
Tel: +90 532 441 33 43
E-Mail: info@arkjeweleryinc.com

Do you have other products?

Most of our product options are offered on our site, and you can find more product images on our social media channels @arkkuyumculuk.


Why are the prices below market values?
ARK a well-established organization, allows you to avoid many unnecessary expenses with the possibility of online shopping, but also offers the opportunity to "shop first hand" by reaching you directly from the workshop environment. Since your order is custom made, you can be offered the best offer.

Do you only have products such as wedding rings and solitaires?
Although products are offered on our site, especially within the framework of the marriage concept, as Ark, we provide special order services in many categories with and without stones, with our experience of more than 40 years in the sector.

How long does it take for my order to be processed? Is same day shipping possible?
We specify the delivery time as 3-8 working days due to our personalized production If you have an upcoming event or special situation, we recommend contacting us to help you get your product earlier than the standard delivery time.

Will I also have a certificate when I purchase a product?
All ARK products are shipped with a certificate. The ARK certificate states that the diamond used for your product is carefully inspected by our in-house experts and gold and metal alloys are secured.

I lost my ARK Certificate how can I get it?
If you lose your ARK certificate, you can get it again for once free of charge.

Can you give information about diamond certificates? What is the difference between GIA and HRD certificates?
The GIA Gemological Institute of America is the world's most recognized and respected diamond grading institute. There are some differences between the two institutions. GIA gives a special serial number to each stone, while HRD does not have such a practice. Thanks to the GIA certificate and the serial number on the stone, your certificate remains valid even if you use your stone in different mountings. While issuing the HRD certificate, it is arranged with the image of the current product. It is necessary to reissue the certificate when the mount changes. GIA mostly examines 0.30 carats and above, but HRD Antwerp can also issue certification for stones below 0.30 carat upon request.

What is the difference between ARK certified and GIA / HDR certified diamonds?
GIA and HDR certified diamonds are also offered by ARK. Both types of certificates guarantee the authenticity of the diamond used in your product. The only difference between ARK certified and GIA or HDR certified diamonds is that ARK certification is issued by our in-house experts and is a free service included with your purchase. A GIA or HDR certification can only be obtained by these rating agencies and is subject to a fee. For more information, we recommend that you read our informative article on "Diamonds and Certificates".

How will I know if the product I have chosen is suitable for engraving?
If the product you want to purchase is suitable for engraving, you will see the engraving option on the product page.

Does requesting engraving extend the production time?
Your engraving requests will not affect the production time due to our personalized production.

Can you engrave the ring I'm using?
Unfortunately, no. We cannot provide services to other manufacturers' products.

Can I remove the engraving?
Engraving is not among the standard services we provide, except for our own product. Only engravings on ARK products can be erased by us.

What are your warranty terms? What should I do to avoid being out of warranty?
All products purchased from Ark are covered by the warranty for 2 years, as specified in Ark Certificates. For the continuity of the warranty period, third parties and institutions do not interfere with the products, measure, repair, etc. they should not do the transactions. Such interventions make the product out of warranty.

The stone of my product fell or was damaged, what should i do?
You can ensure your product for renovation and send it to our workshop address with the cargo company or bring your product to our workshop with its certificate to ensure its maintenance

The color of the product has changed, what should I do?
If the products are not properly protected, they may wear out over time. Daily use can overshadow the splendor of gold, platinum and silver, as well as gemstones. You can have your product checked for maintenance by bringing it to our workshop at any time with its certificate.

How long will it take to repair?
Our workshop will give you a delivery date depending on the product and process that requires repair.

I want to buy a solitaire for my girlfriend but I don't know the size, can you help me?
We suggest you take a look at our measurement table first. But if you want to prepare a surprise, you can order an average ring size. Because you can send it back to us within 60 days for a measurement change after you get your product.
* Reminder: the average ring measure ranges from 12-14 for women and 20-22 for men.

I don't know the size of my ring finger; can you help me?
We recommend browsing our Ring Size Chart so you can accurately determine your ring size.

I ordered it, but I picked it the wrong size, can I change it?
The size of your order can be reduced or enlarged by 1 measure depending on the model of the ring. We remeasure the first measurement +1 / -1 for free once within 60 days.

My ring doesn't fit my finger like it used to, what should I do?
You can resize your product by bringing it to our workshop with its certificate or you can benefit from our lifetime upgrade policy.

Why didn't I get e-mail confirmation about my order?
If you are waiting for an order confirmation e-mail but have not received it, please make sure your payment has taken place and that you have seen the order confirmation page on our site. If you're sure your payment is successful, check your spam folder to make sure the confirmation email isn't blocked by your inbox. If you still can't see the email, you can reach us via email at info@arkjewelryinc.com.

Can I choose another country as the delivery address?
Yes, you can. Your order will be delivered to your foreign address insured. However, different delivery fees are applied by country and customs costs belong to the buyer. For more information, read the "International Orders" section.

Where and how can I track my order?
After the product you selected is transferred to your bag and the payment is made, an order number that will be automatically generated by our system will reach you. An e-mail with your order information will be sent to you for all the products you have ordered.

How do you secure your deliveries?
All products are shipped by taking out insurance through the cargo company with which we are under agreement.

How can I send you the products I bought?
You can ensure your product and send it to our workshop with the cargo company.

Do you save my credit card information after ordering?
No, we're not. Our website is secure and your payment process is encrypted. We don't keep your credit card number or password. You can read our "Privacy and Cookie Policy" for more details.






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