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Established in 1981, in Istanbul, Turkey, Ark Jewelry was founded by Hovagim Suna and Herman Gulluoglu. Coming from the professions birthplace, Grand Bazaar, they dedicated their lifetime to the crafting of perfect jewelry.


Having the beyond price experience and heritage of the Grand Bazaar culture, Hovagim and Herman started to become worldwide known persona of the wedding band manufacture industry just in years. They collaborated at every step of their creation.


In coming years, small atelier that was put together for only two of them started to get bigger. Today, they own a factory in Istanbul, Turkey with the contribution of the second generation family members and a team of talented masters of jewelry to work wonders.





Ark Jewelry Ethical Values

Since its establishment, the Ark family has adopted business ethics based on basic values such as honesty, trust, respect, and justice. They have been a guide in their field by conveying the general principles and subtleties of the profession within the framework of the master-apprentice relationship. Today, they aim to keep the Grand Bazaar culture, which is based on ahi-order and whose building blocks are love, respect, cooperation, and honesty, by the 2nd generation family members, and to spread it in the dynamism of the business and trade world of our age.


In this context, Ark Jewelry, respecting human rights and fundamental freedoms, operates in cooperation with the "SocialBen Foundation" in its social responsibility awareness.


With all your purchases on the Ark JeweleryInc website, by contributing to the "SocialBen Foundation" projects, you will be helping SocialBen Children who live in disadvantaged areas and receive poor education to discover, develop and guide their talents.


Ark Jewelry, within the integrity of its understanding of social and environmental responsibility, procures the diamonds used in its products only from diamond suppliers operating in accordance with this certification in member countries of the Kimberley Process and offers you our valuable consumers, conflict-free diamonds.


The Kimberley Process is a process signed jointly by many countries, non-governmental organizations, and industry representatives around the world, aiming to prevent illegally mined rough diamonds trade and unregistered earnings. To this process; 47 countries, including the European Union, the United States of America, and our country are parties.


Every diamond is different and special. Certification of diamonds registered according to universal standards is very important in terms of reliability. In Ark Jewelry products, diamonds arrive with certificates showing their originality and features. You can find detailed information about "Diamonds and Certificates" from the link.

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