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We are here for you to make the right choice, for the most special moment when you say the word "Yes" and to feel happy and safe while choosing your wedding ring that will symbolize your life togetherness.

Love is priceless. Therefore, do not start your selection with the budget criteria. With the expert support of Ark Jewelry, you can determine the best choice that will reflect your taste, as well as your budget.

Metals in rings can vary in color, appearance, durability and price. Which metal you choose, its hardness and durability will vary depending on the metal and setting. Reading the "Gold and Alloy" section may make your choice easier.

The choice of metal color is also a matter of personal taste. The same ring model can appeal to different tastes in different metal colors. The important thing is to choose the color that suits your spouse's taste and style and to make him/her happy.

Yellow Gold, appeals to every style with its classic form and warm appearance. It is a choice that never goes out of style, especially for a life-long relationship like marriage.

White Gold, reflects a more modern style than classic yellow gold wedding rings.It is in ideal harmony with a simple lifestyle for those who like simple glow.

Red Gold, creates a perfect style for those who prefer a more romantic and feminine look with its pinkish and sparkling tone.


The texture of your ring reflects your taste...

According to the polishing techniques of the rings, different appearances are obtained that are reflected on their surfaces. You can use the table below to choose the image that, best suits your taste.

The width and thickness of your ring increase in proportion to each other, so when you increase the width of the ring, you have to increase the thickness as well.

2 mm for those who like an elegant look its thinness is ideal for you. This ratio varies depending on the ring model and finger structure.
If your wedding ring consists of small details, you can choose medium-thickness rings. If you have long fingers, thick rings will suit you well.
If you are one of those who prefer classic wedding rings, you may also want to know about the profile types.
Classic Ark Wedding Ring profiles are wedding rings with a cambered inner part, which is called comfort fit and have a structure that easily wraps your finger in daily use and provides comfort. The models in the classic wedding rings section, will make your selection easier.


Engraving and Caption

By adding captions to your rings, you can make your important moments permanent. Share your private message or names with us at the time of purchase and we'll process it for you free of charge.

Engraving process; depending on the ring model, a certain number of letters, numbers and symbols can be made free of charge into your yellow, white, rose gold or dual-tone rings. You can choose to print in all uppercase, all lowercase, or uppercase letters.

You can choose the font from four different fonts and add symbols such as the heart or the infinity sign. However spaces, icons and all letters are limited to 25 characters in total.


And you said "Yes"
Ark Jewelry offers a wide collection of stone wedding rings and solitaire rings and stands out with unique designs in the style that best suits your style.
Whether you dream of simple but eye-catching or modern and extraordinary designs... Ark Jewelry is happy to serve you with the most suitable special designs for your dreams.
Your wedding ring, the symbol of your commitment, goes through many stages until it reaches you. One of these stages, which requires effort and mastery, is the setting of the diamond. Technical details such as the size of the stone, its harmony with the metal and the correct reflection of the radiance gain importance when determining the setting suitable for the structure of the mount. There are 5 types of setting that they often prefer to suit the area of use of the diamond:


Prong Setting

It is an ideal and timeless style for classic lovers.

The thickness of the nail structure varies according to the size ratio of the diamond stone. For diamonds of 0.50 carat and above, thin nails may be preferred to highlight the stone, while thicker nails may be preferred for lower diamonds.


Channel Setting

If you want to add more modern and simple atmosphere to diamonds...

It is the most preferred form of setting in full round, half round wedding rings and solitaire ring models with stones on the sleeves. The stones are arranged in the channel on the ring mounting and a more modern look is obtained compared to the nailed models.


Tension Setting

For those who like modern and unique designs

It is the technique of placing the diamond into the mount by utilizing the tensile force of the mine and compressing it from both sides. This type of setting, which is mostly preferred in platinum rings, gives the stone the appearance of hanging in the air.


Bezel Setting

If you have a classic, romantic and flashy style

It is a form of setting that allows the stone to be placed in the opened slot and covered by the metal, almost by plastering the edges of the stone. It provides a more flamboyant appearance for small sized stones.


Pave Setting

For those who want to shine with a warm glow

It is a type of setting seen in models where the installation is completely covered with diamonds using very small stones. An eye-catching look is obtained with the stones that are set between the frequent nails.


In addition to the varieties you can see among all engagement rings, you can contact us by making an appointment to benefit from the craftsmanship and quality of Ark Jewelry with your special orders suitable for your budget and taste.

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