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Ark Alyans Jewelry Industry and Trade Limited Company has adopted the principle of sustainability to protect the world we live in.


Valuable metals are produced in accordance with ethical principles from the mining stage to the sales stage. Certification of the highest quality diamonds with the principles of respecting nature and human values, is the primary principle of Ark craftsmanship.


As part of this responsibility, Ark Alyans Jewelry employees, adopt these guiding values as brand envoys.











The Story of a Ring

A rings journey begins with a metal analysis by a master jeweler. To achieve the desired setting, 24K pure gold is mixed with the correct percentage of alloy in the melting pot. After the gold melts, it is poured into steel molds to be made into bars. The rings, which are passed through the cylinder to obtain the desired shape, are shaped by handwork.


The Sadekar Master does the soldering to connect the two ends of the wire together. Using sandpaper, the inside of the ring is refined and smoothed. Various techniques are applied to the outer part of the ring for different textures to be obtained.


Then the ring is pre-polished. In order to make the diamonds ready for setting, the remaining scratches are cleaned with the help of sandpaper or rubber, previously used for thinning.


After the ring returns from the pre-polishing, the Setter Master carefully selects the gemstones to be attached to the ring. The Setter, places the ring on the rokela and positions the stones.


At this stage, the Setting Master gives the ring to the Polisher for a final polish. In this step, the ring is reviewed for a scratch-free appearance. Depending on the intended look, a special polish is applied to the ring and the ring is ready for the final stage. The finished and polished ring is sent to the Quality Control Department to fix any possible defects.


A ring's journey ends with love, when all stages are meticulously and successfully completed.


Product Care

Jewelry can wear out over time if not properly maintained. Daily use; can overshadow the splendor of gold, platinum and silver, as well as even precious stones.


Ark Jewelry, in order to preserve the brightness of a product as long as possible; keeping your jewelry in its original box, not stacking it with other jewelry to avoid scratches; recommends protection from factors such as high heat, perfumes, cosmetics, cleaning and household chemicals, and professional cleaning of all jewelry once a year.


Our experienced and qualified staff is always ready to give you the utmost care.

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